Transfers Explained

Standard transfers

It’s simple: You contact the manager of the player you want to buy and agree the price for the player between each other!

When both managers agree on a deal then one manager must email the Commissioners with the details of the deal and CC the other manager in

The transfer will be processed once the other manager replies to all confirming the transfer.

Transfers will be eligible for the next game if both managers have emailed confirmation before the teamsheet deadline.


During the season there will be three auctions for players.

  • 1x live auction
  • 2x blind auctions

The live auction is usually about a quarter of the way into the season, the first blind auction half way and the second blind auction three quarters of the way through the season.

Live auctions

All managers who wish to participate open whatsapp at the agreed time. The first player available for purchase will be called and managers bid against each other to win the player. The manager who has bid the highest gets the player. After bidding finishes on the first player, the second player is called. The auction progresses until all players have been called.

The list of players available for auction is released a week before the auction, so managers have the chance to sell their existing players to other managers and raise funds if they wish.

Blind auction

The list of players available for auction is released a week before the deadline. All managers who wish to bid on a player must send one bid on one player, in secret, to the Commissioner before the deadline.

Only one email bid is allowed, so managers aren’t able to change their bids once they are placed. If a second bid is sent by the manager is it not considered.

After the deadline the bids are revealed and the manager who has bid the highest for each player wins them.

Managers are only able to buy one auction player per season. This is to ensure that one team doesn’t get all the good players, which would reduce competition. This also means that, unfortunately, if you have bought a player in the first auction you are not allowed to participate in subsequent auctions.

There will only be a limited amount of players in each auction so not all teams will be able to get them!


After the end of the season there will be a free draft open to all teams.

The last placed league team in the bottom division will have the first pick, the second to last team will have the next pick, then the third to last, etc.

There will be one less player than there are teams in the league, so the champions won’t receive a player.