• A new beginning
    The title of this post sounds like a shit Star Wars sequel. It’s nothing to do with that. Gentlemen, unfortunately all good things must come to an end. It’s with a heavy heart and reluctance I announce that I have run out of steam and will no longer be running the game. I think you’re… Continue Reading
  • World Cup squads – announced!
    Every wondered what would happen if Franz Beckenbauer, Ronaldo, Messi, and Pirlo were in the same five a side team? I’ve no idea. Sorry, I can’t help you there. But if you wanted to know what four of the best squads in the game would look like, then strap in… Azteca Manager: Chris @ Farsley… Continue Reading
  • Season 8 draft choices, managerial changes and new Commissioners!
    Season 8 draft picks You picked and now you will receive: And here’s a reminder of the players… Managerial changes A legend of the game departs: Haydn will be stepping down as manager of Season 3 champions Opulent Knack. He leaves with our best wishes as he is emigrating to join a travelling European ukulele… Continue Reading
  • ESMS wants you!
    I love ESMS – we’re two years old this month! However I’m also coming to the realisation that I probably need to share out some of the responsibilities, for my own work/life/ESMS balance. Like no one saw that coming. As such, I am looking for a few people to step up to join in with… Continue Reading

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Lockdown Fantasy Football is a completely free, play-by-email football management game using the ESMS software. Manage your team, set up your tactics for each match and trade players between managers using whatsapp.

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