A few more Milners

As another consideration for future seasons (cue controversy) – I’m thinking of allowing teams not competing in cup competitions to recover fitness/inj/sus. Currently, if you aren’t playing in a cup on Sundays then you don’t recover any of these and if a player is injured after the Wednesday league game they’re still injured for their next league game on Wednesday.

The rationale is: (a) it’s more like real life, if you’re out of the cup then time isn’t suspended, (b) to win multiple competitions you need to be able to manage your squad successfully, not just your starting 11, it’s meant to be tough to win the double/treble, but also…

(c) I want to put more emphasis on squad players. Currently a team will play 11 players each game and stick with them every game where possible. As such, only approx. 11 players will get abs each week. The gap between starting 11 and squad players is growing, so that squad players are becoming redundant because they haven’t been improving at the same rate (or at all).

This means that we have less ‘match worthy’ players in the game. There might be less transfers as managers are less inclined to let their decent players go. Not completely, but still likely.

If a manager only has 11 decent players they are restricted in what formation they play too. Certain teams can now only play one formation – not their fault, just how the game is. More formation flexibility will put more emphasis on tactics, rather than seeing if my 433 will beat your 442 again this season.

Encouraging managers to play their squad players more will mean the abs are more evenly shared out and will mean transfers are more frequent. Managers are more likely to trade first teamers if there’s more of them and are in the market for good squad players as they’re more useful (admittedly James Milner is a bit more than a squad player in our game). Some teams are relying on either getting an auction player each season or hoarding prize money for a few seasons to throw money at someone for their superstar – that’s a few seasons of no transfers beforehand.

The elephant in the room: Some managers have completely streamlined their teams so they only have 11 decent players and 11 ok backups, they don’t have big squads. This will affect them more – part of the reason I want to have this conversation well in advance of any changes. I’ll have to work out good compensation, likely additional squad players to bring their squad up to the game average. But if this can be achieved for the benefit of all (I sound like a politician) I think it will help the game.

I’m not set on the idea – what does everyone else think?


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