A new beginning

The title of this post sounds like a shit Star Wars sequel. It’s nothing to do with that.

Gentlemen, unfortunately all good things must come to an end. It’s with a heavy heart and reluctance I announce that I have run out of steam and will no longer be running the game. I think you’re all brilliant, but I’m afraid I no longer have the free time or energy to dedicate to the game and as such, Lockdown Fantasy Football will finish after the conclusion of this week’s World Cup and this season.

Thank you all very much for taking part in the game. Your involvement and your willingness to participate means a lot and is very much appreciated. It was why this game was such a success.

I hope you got as much enjoyment out of receiving pictures of Mike Dean on Wednesday and Sunday nights as I did sending them, the entertainment of building your squads, the thrill of the deal, the glory of winning the trophies, the (genuine) mayhem of transfer deadline day, the drama of online live auctions and the continual amazement at some of the dinners shared. You are what made it great!

Of course; special thanks to Will and Yulong. Will and Yulong took over the running of the game in Season 3 and 4 and not just introduced many successful features but a new approach and a new set of ideas that everything subsequently is indebted to. They are responsible for keeping the game going and their continual involvement, suggestions and advice afterwards are what helped drive it on.

Thank you for your willingness to embrace the improvements to the game each season. Each feature was warmly received by all managers with an attitude to try it out and make it work. That isn’t lost on me. We were aware that the ESMS engine is just the program to generate the results, nothing more. It was down to us to move away from simply sheeting and forgetting, and to introduce the features that creates a community built around a wheeling-dealing, engaging and immersive game with real time matches, auctions and enough drama, narrative, passion and reaction to fill an episode of Springwatch.

Thank you all for making it great. You’re awesome.

I’ll wrap this up here, it’s getting a bit too self-indulgent for a .txt file based online game. It’s going to be some World Cup Final, let’s go out with a bang.

Thnks fr th mmrs.

What’s next?

Why did I give this post the wanky title of “A new beginning”? Well…

We have a fantastic community here and I want to keep that together. I want to keep losing football matches to you all, again, repeatedly, for many seasons to come. Like the old days.

I strongly encourage all Lockdown Fantasy Football managers to join PBEMFF (play by email fantasy football) and build an even bigger community with them.


I propose we all move across to their game to keep our community together and bring our unique brand of entertainment. They have available teams, they have a whatsapp group and a forum, and they have features that should be familiar such as auctions and drafts. We can bring something to that.

Let’s move over en masse and stick together.

PBEMFF is another ESMS game that has been running for 42 seasons. You can take up the challenge with a new team and reach the top. It’s run by Dan, the Tokyo Titans manager, who has been running it solely for a large number of these 42 seasons.

As such, you know it’s going to be a game full of character, drama and determined leadership.

Email Dan at pbemff@hotmail.com to request your team for next season, or message him on Whatsapp.

I have agreed to run the website for PBEMFF and once we have completed this season I’ll begin the process of converting this website to be used for PBEMFF.

We’ll see you there next season!


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