ESMS wants you!

I love ESMS – we’re two years old this month!

However I’m also coming to the realisation that I probably need to share out some of the responsibilities, for my own work/life/ESMS balance. Like no one saw that coming. As such, I am looking for a few people to step up to join in with the running of the game.

Specifically, the game has two roles to fill…


Let’s make these jobs c-level, why the fuck not. We need strong corporate governance. 

Lockdown Fantasy Football is looking for someone to look after the transfers and look after the money. You move the players, you control the riches.  

The managers will email you their confirmations, you’ll move the players around and you’ll control the money. You’ll roll the dice for everyone’s youths. 

The obvious benefit is- you get to see everyone’s finances. You get insight into how people are making money. You know who to approach if you’re looking to offload a 30 rated forward for £1bn.

The cost is you are the one processing the transfers. However I think that’s a good trade for the keys to the ESMS safe. 

CBO (Chief Banter Officer) x3

‘How can everyone be chief if there’s three of them?’, I hear you ask. Don’t give me problems; give me solutions.

The game is also looking for up to three people to be the host, the compere, the ringmaster of the results nights. 

On your night you’ll be responsible for announcing the winners, the losers, the champions, the relegations. You’ll deliver the commentary with your own unique spin, gifs and graphics. You can shape the commentary file, you decide which matches to run.

You build up the hype with the pre game intros and are the master of ceremonies revealing the commentary and the results.

What will I do?

I’ll still do the other bits.

Namely I’ll run the games, (attempt to) work out the structure, update the site, sort the pre-season admin, take the rules grief, find new managers, pay for the site and manager adverts, write the overly long articles, etc. Unless you want to do some of this as well, but there’s no obligation. 

Get in touch if you think this is you and help keep the game running for another two years. 

I ate a vegan steak bake today, how about you?


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