Introducing… the Champions League

I’m going to implode a truth bomb on you. This may be painful (as with most bombs), but it needs to be said.

The ‘second cup’ has been the poor cousin of the revered POWF Plate previous seasons.

I’m sorry, I know this hurts but I think it’s important that we have this conversation. Andy has done a fantastic job in winning back to back ‘second cup’ trophies, but wouldn’t it be better if he had won back to back…

…Champions Leagues?!!

Yes gentlemen, we are there. Those midweek European games under the floodlights. Belting out the corporate anthem before the game. Pumping gallons of beautiful, beautiful Gazprom into our cars. Zidane’s volley, Bale’s overhead kick, Karius’ existential meltdown. Thank you for your Carabao, it was lovely, but we now want our Heineken.

Starting next year, the top four teams from each league will qualify for the following season’s Champions League quarter finals. The competition will be played in the first half of the season and prize money will be awarded immediately after the final, to boost the transfer market mid-season.

Chris and others have correctly said that we don’t want a competition that will financially benefit the top teams even more than winning the league already does.

League prize money for finishing near the top of Division One will be reduced. This means that Division One teams who go far in the Champions League will not win materially more than they would have done from the league, and will win less if they don’t go far. League prize money for teams finishing near the top of Division Two will not be reduced. If Division Two teams go deep in the Champions League then the money that they earn will be in addition to their league prize money.

All teams that do not qualify for the Champions League will also receive a solidarity payment, paid at the same time as the prize money. With all teams receiving a mid-season boost to their finances the transfer market should benefit.

So, order a new suit for Jose Mourinho before he goes knee-sliding, start preparing your Liverpool half time team talk and tell Olé to get on the back post for corners because, gentlemen, with Division One and the POWF Plate…

…the treble is on.


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