Let’s Marvin Gaye and get [our spreadsheet] on

I’ve crunched some numbers. #thursdaynight.

I picked three teams who’s goalkeepers have faced either not many shots, a lot of shots or a mid-table amount of shots; W92, CBA and ASS.

I then took each team’s squads before the season started and compared it to their squads now, after the last games, to see how many abs each player had gained over the course of the season.

Finally, I picked the 11 players who usually started and averaged how many abs their GK, DF, MF and FWs gained per match.


FW120.5 Luke, sigh59.722

The method isn’t foolproof. It doesn’t count the 300 abs you start on when you go up a skill, I picked who I thought were usual starters, sometimes players get subbed off, a few players started the season at different clubs, etc… But abs used in the calculations were all abs gained over this season.

Now we know definitively: Goalies get too many abs.

I’m going to reduce GK abs by 66% next season, i.e. goalies will average 50 abs instead of 150, to attempt to put some finality on the situation. I’ll also remove the 25 stat limit as we shouldn’t need it anymore (it wasn’t my rule, don’t @ me).


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