Planned improvements for season seven

Or disastrous catastrophes, depending on your perspective. It’s a bit egotistical to deem your own changes massive improvements. Feedback always welcome:

Make A score more goals

I’m my mind, reckless attacking teams will score hatfuls of goals but commit men forward in so many numbers they’ll also concede a huge amount of goals too. At the moment, all that we can be confident of is that A teams will concede the aforementioned huge amount of goals. Yulong played A vs N in the play offs and lost 5-2.

I’ll make A score more goals so it’s a genuine attacking threat rather than just a defensive liability, to make it a useful tactic. Currently managers only use C, P, L and D so let’s bring A back into the game.

Reduce D a bit

The defensive tactic absolutely kills a game. In a real game, if you let the opponent have the ball and sit back for 90 minutes you’re asking for trouble. Here you’ve almost guaranteed a shut out. Let’s tone it down a notch. Not a lot, just so that it’s not a complete brick wall.

Introduce a new tactic bonus: A vs D

If a team sits deep and invites wave after wave of pressure from an opponent in all out attack mode, it probably isn’t going to end well. Conversely, if you’re playing defensive and the opponent is pinging the ball around the halfway line playing a passing game, or also sitting deep themselves on the counter, then you’re fine. But if they’re absolutely walloping you then you should be at a disadvantage and putting out fires all over the place.

Having a bonus for teams piling on wave after wave of pressure (playing A) against a team spending 90 minutes desperately blocking shots and throwing themselves in front of the ball (playing D) will better match real life.

Introducing a bonus for A vs D will also make the teams who predictably switch to D after going ahead think twice, as opponents will start predictably switching to A against these teams when they’re behind.


C still retains the bonus over A. So if you go a goal up, do you switch to D and go super-defensive but hope the opponent doesn’t switch to A? Or do you switch to C which is slightly less effective defensively but covers you in case the opponent switches to A?

This way lies tactics. 

Reduce goalkeeper abs by two thirds

They currently get two thirds more than everyone else. 

Reduce fitness recovery by 2 to 18

More players meanzzzzzzzz…


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