Season 7 changes summary

Time is money. Money is power. Here’s the tl;dr version of the pre-season tweaks for those who just want a quick update:

  • The A tactic is more powerful
  • The D tactic is less powerful
  • There is a new advantage for A playing D… however the advantage for C playing A remains
  • Youth players need to play one extra game now we’ve got an extra league game:
    • 8+ for 500 abs
    • 6-7 for 300 abs
  • The rule on capping players at 25 stat has been lifted as all players should now be improving equally
  • There was an equivalent rule saying that 25 stat players couldn’t decline with age (given they also weren’t allowed to improve):
    • Any player that is already 25 stat won’t decline as they have been capped previously
    • Any player that hits 25 stat after this point will decline with age, until the existing crop of 25 stat players are phased out
  • I’ll list all teamsheet errors each week, not to shame anyone more to help people get their £1.5m the next week

Welcome to controversy corner

In near future…

We’ve been growing slowly and I think a natural place to stop would be 30 teams, i.e. three divisions of 10.

I’ll cap it at that as any more would be too much admin, but I’m of the opinion that more teams means a more lively transfer market, more narrative and more conversation/reaction in the group. Three divisions should give a bit more variety.

Big suggestion: If we add four teams after the following season we’ll have 24 so can go to three divisions of eight straight away. All sounds lovely, but that would mean an extra two getting relegated from the top flight, no one being promoted from Division Two and and four being relegated from Division Two. Pretty brutal.

Alternatively: I’ll get five teams end of next season to create a new Division Three and simply have themselves play each other twice. I think getting 10 new teams at once might be a bit ambitious. Bit of a wonky knockout cup but that can be solved.

What do you think?

In the distant future…

When the first player hits 35 stat my thinking is to reduce every player in the game by 40% across all stats. A player with 35 stat and 623 abs (35,623 total) will become 21,373.

The game engine wasn’t built for crazy stats and we’ll likely have a disparity between first team players and squad players so playing one first teamer will likely be the equivalent of playing two squad players. If a 35 player gets injured or suspended that’s your season gone.

Something to review nearer the time when we can compare player stats and how it’s affecting match results, and keen to hear thoughts on this, but flagging this as a possibility/starting the discussion now.


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