Season 8 final squads revealed! Plus season 7 draft!

Guess what it is! It’s only the final Division Three squads, that’s what! These three fine teams will be gracing the game in season eight onwards and are displayed below for your digestion and delectation. Feel free to get in touch with the managers and propose some transfers.

Tony will be taking charge at Sarsfield Spartans and Pierre will be at Villa Park.

BUT WAIT! There’s a twist!

In only the second time in the history of the world of our ESMS game, a manager has resigned their existing team and will be taking the reigns of a new, lower league side! Dan has resigned his position at CA Buenos Aires and will be taking charge at new Division Three franchise Tokyo Titans! Is getting promoted twice then winning Division One a sign of true greatness? Only Will’s spreadsheet can tell us the answer…

Welcome to the game:

Season seven draft

Now that the league fixtures for season seven has finished, the Division Two teams have the option to pick a player from this year’s end of season draft.

The last placed team gets first pick, 2nd last gets the next pick, 3rd last gets the next pick, etc…

Name         Age Nat Prs St Tk Ps Sh Sm Ag KAb TAb PAb SAb
M_DeSanctis   28 ita  LC 20  4  4  5 55 30 300 300 300 300
P_Montero     25 uru  LC  5 21  7  5 68 39 300 300 300 300
G_Pessotto    21 ita  LC  5 19 12  6 62 22 300 300 400 300
D_Deschamps   27 fra  LC  5 10 20  4 84 32 300 300 300 300
E_Davids      27 ned  LC  5 15 19  7 65 50 300 300 300 300
A_Conte       28 ita  LC  5  9 19  6 69 25 300 300 300 300
A_DiLivio     26 ita  LC  5  4 18 14 73 21 300 300 600 300
A_DelPiero    23 ita  LC  5  6 10 21 59 22 300 300 300 600
N_Amoroso     29 ita  LC  5  5  8 19 75 28 300 300 300 300

Email me with this list of players and 1 next to your first pick, 2 next to your second pick, 3 next to your third pick, up to 9, and I’ll assign you your highest remaining pick when it gets to your turn.

Please send me your picks by 7.30pm on Wednesday 19th January and they will be added to your squads after the play offs.

Season eight structure

Here’s the plans for season eight:

With the addition of the five team Division Three, and eventual expansion of Division Three to ten teams in season nine, we’re unable to keep the four team play off system in Division Two. For season nine: 2 automatic promotion + 4 promotion play offs + 2 relegation + 4 relegation play offs wouldn’t fit in a 10 team league. I also feel it’s a bit intense how in the current system you could finish 5th in Division One (in the top half) and still get relegated.

This system would make it slightly fairer; you’ve really got to earn promotion and those who most deserve to be relegated are those who go down. It’s less of a lottery. Especially as there are now less league games in a season.

The drawback to this is it’s slightly harder to get promoted and it’s slightly harder to get relegated. Teams will move between divisions less often. Currently we have 4 up / 4 down and it will become 3 up / 3 down. Ten teams will be changing places at the end of season eight and twelve teams in season nine, compared to eight teams at the end of season seven, but then they’re spread across three divisions.

This should place more emphasis on the play off spots. Currently I feel there’s less jeopardy because you probably think you’ll end up in the play offs anyway so there’s no sweat. This should make the competition more intense.

But maybe that’s just positive spin – let me know your thoughts.


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