Season eight squad releases: BRA & VRO!

Sometimes, you get it wrong.

You’ve hired someone, it’s their first day at work, you forgot to plan their first day. They collect their pass, HR takes them on a tour of the office that includes the photocopier that they’re probably never going to use and showing them where the kitchen is, even though it’s painfully obvious that the kitchen is, indeed, there. Of course the kitchen is there, they can see it from their desk. Between the hours of 9.30am and 12.00pm you tell them to “familiarise themselves with the IT” because you haven’t got anything for them to do, so they stare at an empty Outlook inbox for 2.5 hours. Then you graciously suggest they take a two hour lunch on their first day and head home at 4.30, to show how much of a great boss you are.

Well, here at Lockdown Fantasy Football, we have prepared a full induction pack and onboarding program of activities!

Unfortunately we do still have three rounds of matches until the end of season seven though, so the new managers may have to familiarise themselves with the IT for a short while. But that won’t stop them, and indeed you, from putting together some deals!

9.00am – arrive at office, receive first team squad

10.00am – receive a full tour of the game and where the kitchen is

11.00am – take an immersive training course in the tips and tricks of the game

12.00pm – 2.00pm – take a two hour lunch, we’re awesome like that

2.00pm – immerse yourself in the tactics

3.00pm – get flooded with offers from other managers after your team is released

4.30pm – go home early, we’re awesome like that

I’m delighted to welcome the first of our new cohort of Division Three managers: Tobias at Berkshire’s Bracknell Town FC and Steve at ctrl+C ctrl+V’s Verulamium Romans FC!

Feast your eyes on their squads:

These are season eight teams, so these are their ages for next season. Tobias and Steve have both been active on the whatsapp so feel free to reach out if you want to propose a deal.

Stay tuned for more squad releases soon…


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