The biggest transfer in the history of the game!

The biggest transfer in the history of this game has just taken place, and it involves…

… a manager!!!

Pick your jaws up from the floor.

Lockdown Fantasy Football will be expanding to 20 teams for season seven, with two new teams being added to the game. One of the two new teams, Farsley Celtic, have unveiled their new manager as:

Chris! The former manager of Wilko’s ’92 All Stars!

Immediately after winning Division One, Chris has announced his departure from W92 to take over one of the new teams in Division Two. Not content with rising up from Division Two to take the title once, Chris wants to do it for a second time.

As with all new teams, FAC will be entering the game in Division Two and no doubt seeking to gain immediate promotion to Division One in season seven. Chris will take charge of his final W92 game next Wednesday and the Farsley Celtic squad will be revealed shortly.

Get your applications in

This means that Wilko’s ’92 All Stars are now looking for a new manager for next season. Any Season Six ESMS manager is welcome to apply, with the application deadline 7.30pm on Wednesday night. Do you want to abandon your project to take over a title winning team and a shot at glory next season?

I haven’t decided the criteria for the application process (I haven’t been in this position before!). Don’t worry, there won’t be any interviews. But if you’re interested it definitely won’t hurt your chances to get your application in quickly.

The new W92 manager will be revealed after the final league game of the season.


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