The World Cup

In Lockdown Fantasy Football we’ve managed to recreate some of the best bits of football. The suspicious results, questionable transfers and the volume of outright bribes that your average FIFA delegate would be proud of are part of what makes this game great. We also have the madness of transfer deadline day and a cup competition to rival the glory and glamour of the Champions League.

However, what we don’t have yet are:

  • International football
  • Manager job insecurity!

We don’t have the fun of a summer international football tournament and no one is worried about getting the sack. I want fear.

Festival of (ESMS) football

What are the manager’s thoughts on creating a small World Cup to run at the end of the season, using players already in the game?

It’s entirely optional – if you don’t want to take part you don’t have it. In fact, there would only be four teams and managers. It would take place over three consecutive days with two semi-finals and a final.

Abs, injuries and suspensions are kept but as it’s at the end of the season injuries and suspensions are reset after the tournament anyway. Players who pick up a significant injury at the end of the domestic season could be ruled out of the ‘summer’ tournament.

Grab your inflatable unicorns – WHO’S WITH ME?


We could probably find 18 decent players from England, Spain, Brazil and Germany… but that would distort transfer values, affect who gets added to auctions and nationalities of youths. I’m fairly sure Europe would walk a continental tournament (good luck Antarctica).

Hold on to your pants, here come’s a rhetorical question: But why do people care about international tournaments?

Part of it is because our country is playing. For this to work in ESMS we, the managers, need to feel like we belong to one of the ‘countries’.

Perhaps the national teams could be it based on the locations of the league teams? Players would be eligible for their ‘national team’ based on the league club they play for. It’s a bit different to national football – you don’t often see someone transferring out of the England team – but I think that could add to it. If L_Chapman moves teams it could affect his national manager too.

LondonUKGlobalFried Chicken & Other
* Archway Athletic
* CSKA Tulse Hill
* Tulse Hill Superior
* Hackbridge Harriers
* Clapton Crusaders
* Dulwich Isolation Club
* Totteridge Tigers
* Verulam Romans (Verulam was the third largest settlement in Roman Britain, near modern day St. Albans, fact fans)
* Sarsfield Spartans
* Villa Park
* Bracknell Town
* Border Wanderers
* Farsley Celtic
* Merstham Magic
* Floresta United
* CA Buenos Aires
* Tokyo Titans
* Kay FC
Opulent Knack
* Ferly’s Burlys
* Aguerissimo
* Victorious Secrets
* Arsene’s Special Schemers
* Clapped Out

 … doesn’t quite add up.

Let’s just make it completely artificial. Create four ‘nations’, call them whatever you want and allocate the teams to them.

Dodgy deals

As always, there are many areas to exploit. Will has already worked them out before he’s finished reading this. Managers can’t manage the nation their league team is part of, to stop them loading the national team with their own players for the abs. You can’t pick recently promoted youth players to give them the extra game either – a 16 rated 15 year old popping up in midfield alongside the global elite isn’t quite right.

I’m sure there will be the temptation of backhanders – “sell me this player and I’ll make sure I’ll pick your midfielder in the World Cup to give them the abs” – but remember players on the losing team of a game have a real chance of losing abs. If you want to propose that dodgy deal you had better be confident that nation will win their semi-final, otherwise you’re signing your player up to lose abs.

The sack race

The winning manager gets to keep his job and the other three managers are under threat of the sack.

You have the chance to apply for one of the jobs where the manager is under threat and there’s some way of determining whether the previous manager gets to keep his job or is replaced with the new manager.

Perhaps a poll? I quite like the idea of a manager campaigning for votes like a Presidential race. If managers want to put forward a 100 word argument for why they should keep/get the job I’ll post it here.

Hit me up

Tell me your thoughts – is this worth doing? Would this be fun? Are there multiple flaws?

Tell me everything.


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