World Cup teams revealed!

Office sweepstakes. Ranking national kits. Working from home on strategic afternoons. Using your second screen to watch Croatia vs Denmark. Drinking heavily in the sun. Throwing patio furniture. Buying a beer and lobbing it in the air. Water cannons.

The glory of the World Cup is coming to ESMS!

Below are the four ‘national’ teams that will compete in the World Cup after the season. Compared to your regular common-or-garden national team where you have to qualify by virtue of place of birth, residency, heritage or lying (Tony Cascarino), in ESMS players qualify for their national team through the club they are currently playing for. That’s right, if a player transfers to a different club mid-season they could be eligible for a different national team.

Bit weird; bear with.

The World Cup will take place after the regular season has finished. Injuries and suspensions are carried forwards from the regular season so some players might be unable to play. Don’t worry, players will keep abs but injuries and suspensions will be reset at the end of the season, as per.

The winning manager keeps their job. The three losing managers lose their jobs UNLESS no one else applies to manage their team. An international manager recently relieved of their duties can apply to manage a different vacant team straight away, however you can’t manage the national team that your league club is part of.

Behold, the national teams!

  • Boca Tulse Hill
  • Border Wanderers
  • CA Buenos Aires
  • Clapton Crusaders
  • Ferly’s Burlys
  • Floresta United Kickers
  • Arsene’s Special Shemers
  • Clapped Out FC
  • Galacticos
  • Merstham Magic
  • Opulent Knack
  • Totteridge Tigers
  • Archway Athletic
  • Farsley Celtic
  • Hackbridge Harriers
  • Sarsfield Spartans
  • Tokyo Titans
  • Tulse Hill Superior
  • Aguerissimo FC
  • Bracknell Town
  • Dulwich Isolation Crew
  • Kay FC
  • Verulam Romans
  • Victorious Secrets
  • Villa Park

Naming the national teams after stadiums makes them seem vaguely like countries without having to worry about the specifics of nationalities. Perfect.

If you want to manage one of the ‘national’ teams in this season’s World Cup then let me know! The tournament will take place at the end of the domestic season. You will be able to pick a 22-man squad using players from any of the teams that form your national team and lead your team to glory.

It will be a three day festival of football!


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