Youth and transfer updates

Who’s up for some powerful finance and administration chat? If this is the kind of stuff you get off on then bosh this into a spoon, heat it up and inject this straight into your eyes. Hold on tight:

Free transfers

From what I can see, no player has been released for £1m+. They’re mostly around £300k-£500k. Therefore, I’m reducing the amount it costs to buy someone to £1m and then increasing everything 10x. You’ll get between £3m-£5m for releasing someone but it costs £10m to buy someone.

The free transfer option should become a bigger part of the game and with more players swapping around there’s generally more potential for transfers. Big up the liquidity.

Youth promotions

Previously, the top tier in the youth academy produced God-like youth prospects which cost £150m to buy. It got to the point that you needed to do this to keep pace and teams were taking a couple of seasons to save up, which hurt the transfer market.

Yet we need to keep quality young players in the game otherwise everyone will retire with no replacements! They also need to be suitably expensive so manager trades don’t collapse. As such, I’ll reduce both the age and stats of youth players. A 20 rated 18 year old would now be a 18 rated 16 year old. They’ll be the same quality, same relative price but less immediately useful and less initially expensive as they’ll start further from the first team.

As with real football, there should be a bit of jeopardy with playing an inexperienced prospect. They’re either a liability if you play them or one less sub if you bring them on last minute for the appearance. But at some point you’re going to need to. There will be one tier and each youth will:

  • Cost £35m
  • Be aged 15-16
  • Rated either 15, 15, 16, 16, 17, 17, 17, 18 (a 1 in 8 chance of getting an 18 rater and a 3 in 8 chance of getting 17) on their main stat; DM / AM will be rated in line

They’re cheaper and thus more cash efficient if you’re prepared to put in the hard work training them. More strategic long term planning will be needed, however you could feasibly make money promoting and selling youths if you think you only need 3 subs per game and can use one to give the youth a run out at the end of the game, similar to real life.

You’re less likely to get a dud (a 15 rated 15 year old will probably be 20 rated by the time they’re 20, an 18 rater likely to be at least 23 when they’re 20) but you need to put in the work to get there by getting the youth bonuses.

If you haven’t yet used ‘the old Tier 1’ and wish to then you have until the end of this season, as it will be retired for next season.

Teamsheet money

The bonus for a teamsheet with no errors is increasing from £500k to £1.5m. Partly because there’s fewer matches this season, mostly for increased motivation though. The average team submitted a complete teamsheet for 61% of last season’s 23 maximum possible matches* – not bad although I’m conscious it’s just me running the games this year.

With 8 league games and at least one cup game, I reckon managers will submit an average of… finger in the air… 7 complete teamsheets including those on cup runs. So £10.5m. Those not in the Champions League get an additional three games/£4.5m prize money and POWF Plate prize money is taken into account.

* This includes matches they weren’t in, i.e. cup finals. I wanted to understand how many completed teamsheets might be submitted by a team across the season then reduce it down to a percentage of Season 6’s games.


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