There are two auctions during the season, the live auction and blind auction. The live auction takes place before the blind auction and both are listed in the calendar so you know when they will be.

Managers are allowed to buy one player from an auction each season, so if you buy someone in the live auction you’re unable to buy another player in the blind auction.

Live auction

At an agreed time, managers have the option to bid on players live in the WhatsApp group.

The list of players will be made public a week in advance so you have time to sell some of your current players to raise funds, if you want to.

Blind auction

A list of players are made available and managers have a week to email in a secret bid for one of the players. Whoever has bid the most for each player gets them.

Managers are only allowed to send one bid for one player, so it’s a good idea to wait until nearer the deadline to send in your bid in case you come into more money.

Additional auction players

If a manager sells over £100m worth of players in a season they can buy an players at auction.

Managers can buy one additional player for every £100m worth of non-auction players sold that season.