There are two cup competitions in the game:

The Prince of Wales Feathers (POWF) Plate

All teams are entered into the first round of The Prince of Wales Feathers (POWF) Plate. This is the main cup competition. The winners of each tie progress into the quarter finals of the POWF Plate.

It is a straight knockout tournament, with the winner of each one-legged tie progressing to the next round. Draws are decided by penalties, with no extra time. Prize money is awarded dependant on how far you progress in the competition.

As there are 18 teams in the competition, four will be entered into a preliminary round with the two winners joining the remaining 14 in the competition proper.

The competition is named in honour of a ridiculously overpriced and cramped pub on Warren Street that we still drank in anyway.

The Champions League

The top four teams in each league are entered into the following season’s Champions League.

The competition is a straight knockout format with the eight teams going straight into the quarter finals.

Prize money is structured in such a way that the Division Two teams stand to win more prize money if they go deep in the competition – see here.

If a team wins all three competitions…

  • Division One
  • POWF Plate
  • Champions League

… they win The Treble!