• All injuries, suspensions, disciplinary points and fitness following pre-season friendlies are reset to zero before the start of the new season.
  • Match stats (appearances, goals scored, etc) and abs earned in friendlies are retained and count towards the season totals.

Friendlies are optional, however they are a good way of improving your players as player abs and stats are retained.

There is one round of pre-season friendlies where managers have the chance to play one match. Managers must reach out to other managers to find and agree their opponent, then inform the Commissioner.

Agreeing a fee

Managers can ‘sell’ their friendly; they can promise to play another manager for an agreed fee with the other manager, or agree to play a certain team for their friendly match as a part of a wider transfer deal.

Players gain more abs when their team wins a match. Therefore it’s likely that Division One teams will want to play Division Three teams as they have a good chance to win and gain good player abs. A Division Three team might want to ask for a good amount of money from the Division One team for a friendly if they are unlikely to win. Or the Division Three team could decline and instead approach another team they think they might win against instead.

Do Division Three teams choose to play against comparable opposition for the abs or against higher quality opposition for the money?

Do Division One teams pay big money to Division Three teams for more a bigger guarantee of abs, or less to a Division Two team with less certainty of gaining abs?

Do Division Two teams pay Division Three teams for their friendly and gain abs, or accept money from Division One teams and likely not gain abs?

Division Three end of season friendlies

Division Three teams have a second round of friendlies after the final round of league games at the end of the season (as they have one less league game). They can play each other, or they can agree to play a team from a higher division:

  • If a Division Three team plays another Division Three team they are probably of comparative ability so have a greater chance of winning and gaining abs.
  • If a Division Three team players against a team from a higher division they are more likely to lose and less likely to gain player abs, so can probably gain a good fee from their opposition for the match.

A Division Three’s additional friendly is a valuable asset for them to sell.

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