How to play

As a manager, you have the ability to buy and sell players with other managers to build your squad, as well as pick the tactics, line-up, formation and instructions for each match. You are also given money to trade with.

Each manager does this using two files, their squad and a teamsheet:


This is a list of all of your players, their ability in each position, performance this season and their availability.

You decide which of these players you play in your team for each match. You can also sell your players or buy players from other clubs.


This is a list of instructions that outline how you want to play your next match. This means that you can change it as much as you like between matches.

In the teamsheet you set your tactic (attacking, defending, passing or a number of other tactics), which formation you want to play (442 or 433 for example), your 11 starting players and 7 available substitutes and any other match instructions.

These instructions could be to change tactic if you are losing, substitute a player at a certain time in the game, change formation if you are winning and many other options.

Once you are happy with your teamsheet for the next match you email it to the league commissioner. Your opponent will also submit their teamsheet and the commissioner will input both of your teamsheets into the program to determine the result.


Transfers couldn’t be simpler: You contact the manager of the player you wish to buy or loan and agree a price.

You can structure the deal how you like, for example you could include a player as a part exchange as well as, or instead of, using cash.

Once both managers have agreed on a transfer then one manager emails the league commissioners with the details of the transfer and CC’s in the other manager. The manager needs to reply to everyone confirming the transfer otherwise it won’t be processed.

If the transfer it processed before the teamsheet deadline for the next game then the players you have bought can be used.

For more detailed information see the various rules, guides and advice on this website within the ‘How to play’ section.