It’s the final countdown

I feel I should apologise for the painfully obvious title and visual metaphor combo, I might have even used it before (haven’t checked), however it quite literally is: The final countdown. 

We have three rounds left. 

Count them. 


Three rounds to earn glory. Three rounds to avoid relegation. Three rounds to etch your name on the side of the text file based silverware and secure your place in history. 

Division One

I don’t want to put any pressure on anyone, but the title is absolutely W92’s to lose. Wilko’s ‘92 All Stars have been wheeling and dealing their way to success for the past few seasons. They have a four point lead – very impressive over six rounds – and are facing VIS this week as they attempt to put one hand on the title and bring it home.

OPK and THS are all up in their grill and seeking to haul them in. Unfortunately for them, they play each other. Who will earn the right to push W92 to the finish? Will it be a happy finish? We don’t know. 

Down at the business end of the table, Victorious Secrets and Totteridge Tigers have their sights laser focused (why is “laser focused” a new wanky corporate phrase?) on beating the drop and need maximum points tonight. 

Division Two

Normal order will be restored after tonight when CSKA Tulse Hill get humped 9-0, but what of Hackbridge Harriers, Aguerissimo FC and the utterly terrifying Clapton Crusaders? There’s three automatic promotion places up for grabs in next season’s league but four into three doesn’t go. 

Tonight, we will sort the wheat from the chaff. 

It’s been a transition year and a year of rebuilding for CBA and MMA, both of whom stand to benefit handsomely in the end of season draft pick. Will tonight see them drag themselves back in to play off contention? As always, you’re only one tie away from the big league. 

Tonight, at 7.30pm. 

It matters. 


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