League round 2 preview

Galacticos vs Victorious Secrets

  • This game sees two of the promoted teams who are looking to maintain their place in the league go head to head. One of the most even games of the round and a genuine six-pointer; both teams will see this game as a must win with the result going a long way to impacting their season
  • GAL are fresh as they are starting their season today, whereas VIS are coming off the back of an opening day defeat, and with no injuries or suspensions from the opening game and VIS in relatively good health, the stage is set for a crucial tie

Totteridge Tigers vs Dulwich Isolation Crew

  • DIC, a perennial title challenger, are reeling from their opening day loss and already the pressure is on to secure three points if they want to be in the hunt for the title by the end of the season
  • New manager Rob at Totteridge Tigers is still getting to know his players but may fancy his chances against a punch drunk giant – tonight we may witness the first of many giant killings

Opulent Knack vs Arsene’s Special Schemers

  • 433’s OPK go into this game off the back of a commanding opening day victory that sees them top of the league. Another victory and the odds will be drastically shortened on an OPK title.
  • Unfortunately they’ll be without their talisman striker P_Kluivert for the next three weeks, who is undergoing an emergency leg graft. Do they have the firepower in reserve to replace him or do they need to go more attacking?
  • Promotion came as a complete surprise for ASS manager Bob, who will be sure to issue many more similar motivational rallying cries to his players before kick off today. Can you win things with kids, or will we see five at the back and an attempt to nick some points on the break?

Archway Athletic vs Tulse Hill Superior

  • ARA, this years surprise but no less deserving package, are continuing their fantastic form. A win against THS to build on their opening day win will see them firmly out of underdog territory and well into overdog territory. Do they even know how to lose?
  • Slowly, slowly won the race for THS last year, loitering in third for most of the season and stealing in to grab the title on the last day. THS must fancy their chances and definitely don’t mind the pressure, given the amount of time they talk about never feeling the pressure. Ever. So it’s definitely not on them. Because it’s not.

CSKA Tulse Hill vs Kay FC

  • Anyone who knows what is going to happen in this game is either psychic or lying. On paper Kay FC are the clear favourites against the team who have come bottom in most of the season’s they’ve played, except the one season they accidentally got promoted and then subsequently came bottom…
  • … yet Kay FC are making loud noises about this being a transitional year and have recently placed a significant amount of talented players on the transfer list, eager to receive bids. This promises to be a game of no-limits free-flowing attacking football. Potentially.

Hackbridge Harriers vs Aguerissimo FC

  • Yesterday witness the first managerial casualty of the season, when Hackbridge Harriers manager stuffed as much stationary into his bag as he could fit then did a runner without saying a word to anyone. Is this the perfect time for AGU to play the caretaker-led team, or could this backfire if the caretaker has more experience than the previous manager?
  • Aguerissimo FC shouldn’t be bothered though. They were unjustly relegated last year after a solid season in Division One and are already setting the pace at the top of the league. R_Lukaku continues to line up in attack, which is now bittersweet for their manager.

Merstham Magic vs Ferley’s Burlys

  • If we’re talking dark horses this season, look no further than Merstham Magic. Their manager has been making waves in the transfer market and is keen to test out his new crop of academy talent. With a number of Division Two teams licking their wounds and regrouping to mount a serious challenge in later years, is this the time for them to strike?
  • The opening day defeat against KFC didn’t go to plan, but perhaps this is the game that MMA get their season off to a bang?
  • Sleeping giants FER felt the wrath of Leo Messi last game out, but with less defensive responsibility will see the shackles off and will be keen to demonstrate to the world that they can mix it with the best. Will MMA be the unfortunate victims in the firing line?

Clapton Crusaders vs Clapped Out FC


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