The OFFICIAL Cup Final Preview: CTH enter as firm favourites

The people’s champions, the entertainers, the Gods amongst men… these are just some of the names the ESMS community use to describe Tulse Hill Invincibles. However, despite their overwhelming popularity, they seem destined for another night of disappointment as they enter the cup final as stone cold underdogs.

A history of terrible luck and even worse recent form, means there is little light at the end of the Tulse Hill underpass for the Invincibles. 

When you compare the recent league form of THI (D, L, W, L, D, L, W) to that of the superior CSKA Tulse Hill (who are coming off incredible 4-0 and 2-0 wins against the League 2 Champions and the formidable HAH), it’s a wonder the former have even made the final.

When asked for his opinion, THI manager and all-round good-guy said:

“I’ll be happy if we keep it to single figures. Today is all about CSKA.”

The CSKA manager was unavailable for comment, otherwise occupied in a 3 hour pitch inspection and camera shoot.   


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