Quick rules


Matches are played on Wednesday and Sunday nights, teamsheets need to be submitted to the Commissioner(s) before then.


Players who are 20 or under could receive extra abs. If they play 7 or more games per season they’ll gain 500 abs on their main stat, and if they play 5-6 games they’ll receive 300 abs.

Players retire when they hit 35.

Players also decline with age. They lose 1 point across all their stats when they reach the age of:



There are two divisions with teams finishing in automatic promotion/relegation places, as well as play-offs between teams within the same division.

There’s one Champions League competition, which the top four teams in each league qualify for. This takes place in the first half of the season and prize money is handed out immediately after the final.

There’s one knockout cup, the POWF (Prince of Wales Feathers) Plate. All teams enter and this takes place in the second half of the season. The Prince of Wales Feathers is a pub in Warren Street.


You can agree player trades with other managers. Once agreed, one manager emails the Commissioner(s) with the other manager copied in, and the other manager must reply to also confirm to complete the transfer.

Selling clubs get an extra 20% of any transfer fee.

At the end of the season the bottom team of the bottom league gets first pick in a draft, with the second bottom picking next until all teams have picked except the top team in the top league, who don’t receive a pick.

There are a number of sealed bid and live auctions for players throughout the season. Sealed bid auctions involve sending a bid to the Commissioner(s) before a deadline, a live auction involves real-time bidding against other managers on whatsapp.