18 Penalties Later, a Caped Crusader and Jeapes the Giant Killer…

Semi-final night of Season Four was a night of much demon banishing. Galacticos, a team who have managed to score a paltry 4 goals in 11 league games, astonished critics by firing home no less than 6 goals in a single game. Admittedly, all 6 of these were penalties but it’s an achievement nonetheless. 

That 18-penalty-marathon with Finidi FC lead the Galacticos safely to the final of The Mike Jeapes Cup of Failures. Meanwhile, the Dulwich Isolation Crew achieved a somewhat fortuitous win in their own semi-final to join Anish in the final.

Elsewhere, Jeapes the Giant Killer kept up an astonishing run of form. Up until very recently, any teams managed by Michael Jeapes would have been second favourite against a team of small children. It seems, following the rumoured appointment of Mr Lance Armstrong as Nutritional Director, that their fortunes might have changed for good.

CSKA Tulse Hill kept a clean sheet as Clapped Out FC finally began to live up to their name. Later that night, Tulse Hill Invincibles banished their own demons, having lost their previous two POWF semi-finals. Unfortunately, their win was somewhat more controversial with Ronaldo scoring the only goal in a 1-0 win, despite not ever leaving the substitutes’ bench. 

The final is all set for The Battle of Tulse Hill, with Ronaldo having played a huge part in getting both teams to the final. £500k well spent.  

Full results and commentaries can be found on the cup pages.


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