Gameday 8: Results released

The league is more than half way done, and things are beginning to shape up at both ends of the table.

Overall a pretty round of games, 7 trivial games played but no one cares about them, we were there to witness the ESMS old farm derby round 2, round 1 was won by IVO with a tight 1-0 victory in the first game of the season, and this one is just as close with CTH getting the revenge 3-2 with a last kick of the game winner in stoppage time despite down to 10 men, the series is 1-1 in the league.

Round 3 of the derby is on Sunday in the cup, can’t wait.

Too lazy to write anything else, Andy Matthews has volunteered to write some expert analysis so will defer to him for that, as long as you don’t take as his advice on how to score you should be good.


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