The Manager Who Cried Wolf & more from the Quarter Finals

There was once a boy who cried wolf and there was once a manager of Ivo’s Army. This manager was a mean and wicked tyrant who would stop at nothing to achieve his ends. However, despite his own horrible behaviour, this didn’t stop Ivo The Wicked casting all sorts of nasty accusations about the innocent people of the ESMS kingdom.

“Look! Look there!”, he cried, “It’s a dodgy loan deal”.

But when the people looked all they could see was Ivo The Wicked’s own dodgy loan deal, as he snapped up a world class left winger from a popular fast-food outlet.

However, it wasn’t long until Ivo The Wicked was complaining again… 

“Look! Look there!” he cried, “It’s a dodgy loan deal”.

The people, now slightly impatient after the manager’s earlier hypocrisy, looked again. But all they could see was yet another dodgy deal from Ivo The Wicked as he procured the mercurial talents of Gary McAllister without paying a single golden coin. 

Finally, on a cold and wintery Sunday (actually rather mild, t-shirt weather in fact), the evil old manager of Ivo thought he could see danger.

“Look! Look there!” he cried, “It’s a dodgy loan deal”.

But the fine and fair people of the ESMS Kingdom didn’t trust Ivo The Wicked anymore. For too long had he lied to them. For too long had he cheated the system. So, the people didn’t listen to the cries and Fat_Ronaldo camp waddling out of the tunnel in the 75th minute to gobble Ivo The Wicked and his ESMS-Cup-hopes up for good.

CSKA Tulse Hill lived happily ever after*.

*Until they almost certainly lose to Tulse Hill Invincibles in the semi-finals.

Other Quarter Final results are below.

Mike Jeapes Cup of Failures

Hackbridge Harriers 2 – 0 Clapton Crusaders
Inj: W_Greenwood (clc) 29′
OG_Solksjaer (hah) 40′
OG_Solksjaer (hah) 65′

Arse Special Schemers 0 – 1 Galacticos
Inj: C_Chambers (ass) 16′
F_Morientes (gal) 32′

Dulwich Isolation Crew 2 – 1 Wilko’s 92 All Stars
D_Batty (w92) 2′
S_McManaman (dic) 50′
I_Rush (dic) 55′
Red: S_Gerrard (dic) 81′

Finidi FC 4 – 1 Opulent Knack
V_Enyo (fin) 3′
K_Davies (opk) 22′
Kinda_Left (fin) 26′
Kinda_Left (fin) 54′
Red: J_Pantsil (opk) 57′
K_Fibl (fin) 90′

Prince of Wales Feathers Plate

Aguerissimo FC 0 – 0 Kay FC
Inj: S_Handanovic (agu) 59′

Ivor’s Army 0 – 2 CSKA Tulse Hill
H_Bellerin (cth) 30′
Fat_Ronaldo (cth) 81′
Inj: S_Gruyere (ivo) 84′

Tulse Hill Invincibles 2 – 0 Archway Athletic
HB_Arfa (thi) 14′
Inj: S_Given (thi) 42′
Y_Cabaye (thi) 70′

Clapped Out FC 1 – 0 Ferlys Burlys
Ronaldinho (cla) 74′


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