The Old Farm Derby gets an upgrade

ESMS fans worldwide (by which I mean the UK and Alfred) are eagerly anticipating a well overdue upgrade to the ESMS fixture of the season. 

IVO vs CTH has long been the fans’ favourite and with good reason. However, after Jeapes’ remarkable performance in the initial playoff game on Sunday, it looked possible that the Old Farm Derby could be consigned to an inevitably fixed cup draw. 

However, after IVO did the business, we can confirm… IVO vs CTH will take play at least three times next season!*

Rumour has it that CTH has already made an early, seven figure, approach for the services of Mr Fat_Ronaldo.

Fans of the fixture will be hoping and praying that Ivo’s Army get relegated in the coming season because, let’s face it, Jeapes has about as much chance of League One survival as a KFC chicken.

*Spoiler: the cup draw will still be fixed.


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