The World Cup

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The hazy, summer days of international tournaments are here! Grab your replica Italia ’90 shirts, head to your nearest beer garden (and sit on your phone) to see the game’s best players compete alongside each other in knockout cup glory!

The World Cup will see the game’s best players play in new teams alongside each other. International managers will use their 20-man squad to pit their wits against each other using the very best players in the game.

Imagine a team with Messi, Chapman and Haaland up front, Steven Gerrard in midfield and Warren Barton shoring up the defence. At the end of the season, perhaps you won’t have to imagine.

Legacies will be made! Penalties will be missed by divine ponytail wielding maestros, Geordies will cry into their shirts and Frenchmen will headbutt their opponents.

Unsuccessful managers face the very real threat of the sack! The World Cup rounds off the domestic season in a three-day festival of international football.

Bring on the summer.


Watch this space…

Teams & managers

  • Boca Tulse Hill
  • Border Wanderers
  • CA Buenos Aires
  • Clapton Crusaders
  • Ferly’s Burlys
  • Floresta United Kickers

Chris @ Farsley Celtic

  • Arsene’s Special Shemers
  • Clapped Out FC
  • Galacticos
  • Merstham Magic
  • Opulent Knack
  • Totteridge Tigers

Steve @ Verulam Romans

  • Archway Athletic
  • Farsley Celtic
  • Hackbridge Harriers
  • Sarsfield Spartans
  • Tokyo Titans
  • Tulse Hill Superior

Rob @ Totteridge Tigers

  • Aguerissimo FC
  • Bracknell Town
  • Dulwich Isolation Crew
  • Kay FC
  • Verulam Romans
  • Victorious Secrets
  • Villa Park

Matias @ Floresta United Kickers

What is it?

Well wouldn’t you like to know.

Four ‘national’ teams compete against each other in one-legged semi finals and a final across three days to determine the winner of the World Cup!

How does it work?

At the end of the season, the national team managers submit a 20-man squad to the Commissioner from the players who are eligible to play for their team. The manager then has to use these players for the tournament.

It’s a straight knockout competition; the teams start in the semi-finals. The matches are played on consecutive days:

  • Day 1: Semi-Final 1
  • Day 2: Semi-Final 2
  • Day 3: Final

Why have the teams got those names?

There’s no easy way of dividing the players already in the game by nationality.

If we picked the four most represented nations then we’d probably find that one team had significantly better players than the other three. It would also affect transfer values – those players would become more expensive with the promise of more abs. Nationalities of players in the auctions would matter.

The same is true if we divided players by continent, i.e. Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia/Oceania. Europe would walk it.

By naming the teams after stadiums we’ve implied these teams belong to certain regions and countries without getting stuck on the specifics of nationalities.

How are players eligible for their national teams?

Players are eligible for their national teams based on the league club they are currently playing for.

Verulam Romans are part of the Wembley team, meaning that anyone who plays for Verulam Romans is eligible to play for Wembley.

This does mean that if a player transfers to another club mid-season they would be eligible for a different national team.

Who are the managers?

The managers of the four national teams are regular managers from within the game.

After the World Cup, the winning manager keeps their job. However the three losing managers are under threat of the sack; if anyone else wants to apply for one of the national teams then they lose their job.

Anyone can immediately apply to manage a national team where the current manager is under threat – including recently sacked national managers and those who already have a different national team!

Managers can’t manage the national team that they’re domestic club is part of (to stop them loading the teams with their own players for abs!) and can’t pick obvious youth players. These are supposed to be the best players in the game.

What happens to the players?

If they are carrying an injury or suspension going into the tournament then these remain for the tournament.

Players keep any abs earned. All injuries and suspensions are reset after the tournament as it is the end of the season.