Season 8 live auction!

Tenzing Norguy in 1953. Buzz Aldrin 1966. Star Wars IV: A New Hope at the 1977 Academy Awards. Al Gore in 2000, Liberty X in 2001, Olly Murs and Susan Boyle in 2009. Jack Nicklaus in basically everything he entered. England in 2021.

Sometimes the people or the team that comes second are the real heroes.

That they competed at the very pinnacle of their profession shows the unbridled skill, talent and inflatable floating rainbow unicorns that they had at their disposable that made them some of the very best. That should not be overlooked.

Enter, Borussia Dortmund.

Forever the bridesmaid, very rarely the bride, let’s take a moment to recognise one of the major forces in European football over the last few years. They had, currently have and will almost certainly continue to have some of the greatest players in Europe. Now their 2020/21 team can play for you.

See below for those up for grab in the Season 8 live auction:

Name         Age Nat Prs St Tk Ps Sh Sm Ag KAb TAb PAb SAb
T_Meunier     26 eng   R  3 18  9  6 72 41 300 700 300 300
A_Witsel      29 bel  RC  3 13 18  2 66 40 300 500 300 300
M_Hummels     28 ger  RC  4 21  8  6 83 33 300 300 300 300
J_Sancho      25 eng   L  4  9 20 14 63 22 300 300 100 600
J_Bellingham  17 eng   C  3  9 19  9 72 31 300 300 800 300
EB_Haaland    27 nor   C  3  7 17 22 68 39 300 300 500 300

The admin

The players will be auctioned in the order listed above.

As ever, the auction will take place a week from now. This means you have a week to wheel and deal your way to a mini fortune in advance of the auction, if you want to pick up someone. Sell, sell, sell!

The auction will take place at 7.30pm GMT on Monday 21st February. Simply open up whatsapp, wait for the player(s) you wish to bid on and bid away. The highest bid when the gavel falls gets the player.

Managers are allowed to buy 1 player across both auctions per season, however they have the opportunity to buy one more player for every £100m they have recouped in transfer fees.


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