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Don’t we love a transfer.

Before transfer deadline day £2.2bn had changed hands this season, with £819,364,000 on manager trades. This means that around £164m had also been generated earned by managers under Chancellor Yulong’s Splash Out to Cash Out scheme (let’s call it SOTCO, it needs a name), where every selling manager earns an additional 20% of any transfer fee they receive.

You then saw the glorious, beautiful carnage that happened on Transfer Deadline Day which added to this.

However, with the volume of transfers increasing season upon season – and transfer deadline day becoming more important – we should probably put a bit of structure around the scheme. It doesn’t take much imagination for two managers to agree to scratch each other’s backs and both earn an extra 20% from deals between each other.

There has been no suggestion of any wrongdoing so far, but it’s probably worth making sure there isn’t any in the future either.


Starting next season, when the transfer window reopens, the following will apply:

Any manager who can prove another manager has approached them to manipulate the 20% or 50% SOTCO rule will receive an instant £200m reward and a £200m fine for the culprit.

Big talk.

This could be where…

  • Another manager has approached you for a transfer and suggested you can buy back a similar player from them in the future
  • Another manager has suggested they will buy a player for a similar amount of money from you in the future
  • Another manager has proposed a scheme with multiple managers where they agree to trade with each other

A screenshot will be sufficient proof. The communication could be from any date in the past but must relate to a transfer processed on or after the first day of Season Nine.

Are you sure you still want to confirm that transfer?…

This isn’t foolproof; it’s possible that two managers may enter into a Devil’s pact. Both have incriminating evidence on the other and once both have said what mustn’t be said then fuck it, they may as well start selling loads of players to each other and both earn each other a shit ton of hard cash.

You’ve got to be doubly sure that the other manager won’t immediately shop you for some quick cash when you make the initial suggestion though.

Combining transfers

Again, starting on the first day of Season Nine:

All deals between two managers over a season will be combined and the SOTCO paid at the end of the season

What does this mean in real terms?

You’ll receive the transfer fee instantly but the 20% and 50% bonuses will be paid at the end of the season.

You can still trade with anyone, there’s nothing stopping you. In fact it’s actively encouraged.

If you want to sell a player back to a manager you just bought someone from then go for it, knock yourself out.

It may impact the 20% additional fee you would be in line to receive, though.

Previously: If you sold a player to a club for £100m one week, but then bought a player for £60m from the same club next week, you would have received an extra £20m from the first deal and the other manager would have gotten an extra £12m from the second deal.

Now: If you sell a player to a club for £100m, but then buy a player back from them for £60m the same season, then the deals will be combined and treated as one £40m sale with a player in part exchange.

You would receive 20% of the £40m at the end of the season, so £8m SOTCO, and the other manager wouldn’t receive anything as they haven’t really sold anyone, they’ve spent £40m.

All transfers between two clubs over the course of the season will be combined, and all SOTCO will be paid at the end of the season on the balance.

This shouldn’t affect many transfers, there’s not many teams that are constantly swapping players wholesale between each other. I would question why that is happened if it were the case!

Just be mindful that if you sold a manager a player a few weeks ago, then next player you buy from them this season has to be combined.

For example:

Manager A sells M_Obama to Manager B for a fee of £100m. At the end of the season they would be in line to receive an additional £20m SOTCO on top of the fee. Nice one.

However, if Manager B then sells H_Clinton back to Manager A for £25m a couple of weeks later, what’s really happened was manager A sold M_Obama for £75m plus H_Clinton.

In this case, the two deals would need to be combined. Manager A’s SOTCO would only be 20% of the £75m, so £15m. Manager B wouldn’t get any extra 20% as they didn’t really sell anyone.

The transfer fees will be paid instantly but the SOTCO bonus will be settled up at the end of the season and paid out then.

Here’s how your finances could look, spreadsheet fans:

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