Youth and young manhood

So far this close season we have witnessed… 64… carry the two… divided by three… square root of pi… shitloads of transfers. This morning I battered through 27 alone.

Yet whilst we’ve seen a lot of players traded (D_Wetherall to Opulent Knack for £80m today!!) and a hell of a lot of players released, we’ve also seen a huge amount of youth transfers. Managers have been grabbing this final season to use the Golden Generation tier, as well as promote a few academy prospects from the new style youth academy.

Here’s the number. So far this pre-season we have seen…


… new academy prospects enter the game. That’s two teams worth of kids.

Galacticos, Archway Athletic, Wilko’s 92 All Stars, Victorious Secrets, CSKA Tulse Hill, Clapped Out and Clapton Crusaders have already begun succession planning, with Kay FC previously hinting about hitting the reset button this season – or was that a decoy?

Can you afford not to start bringing through the next generation this season, or is this season the perfect opportunity to play to win and go for the title?

Have a look at the transfer history to keep up to date with the latest moves.


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