Youth players

Every season, managers have the option to promote up to three players from their academy.

These will generally be poorer than first team players but also younger so have the opportunity to improve.

This is a useful option if some of your players are due to retire in the next few seasons.

How to use

This is the tool used by the Commissioners to generate academy players. You can download and use it to understand the types of players you might get:

When you message the Commissioner to request a youth promotion you can specify the position (GK/DF/et…) but age, side (R/L/C) and stats are randomly generated.

If you wish to promote a DM or AM the Commissioner will keep generating a player until one is created where their Ps stat is equal to or greater their Tk or Sh.

If you wish to promote a DF or FW with good secondaries the Commissioner will also keep generating a DM or AM until their Tk or Ps is greater than or equal to their Ps.

The cost for using the academy is £35,000,000 per promoted youth player.