Yulong’s Tactical Advice

Written by Yulong:

The below are mostly based on running a lot of simulations so I’m fairly confident on these:

Please pay attention to Stamina (Sm) when doing transfers

A player’s fitness (Fit) determines how well they perform in a match.

You can see from the match report that players finish on less fitness than they started the match.

A player’s stamina (Sm) determines how quickly they lose fitness during a match.

A player with 20-35 stamina will lose close to 40 fitness over 90 minutes. Players that get to 60 or less fitness by the end of the match are a massive liability if they’re not subbed off. Since you recover 20 fitness between each match, players who lose a lot of fitness during a match will need to rested every other match to recover.

Conversely, a player with 70+ stamina only loses about 20 fitness per match. They will have an advantage towards the end of the match when everyone else is more tired and will recover almost all their fitness between matches. The goalkeeper doesn’t seem to lose any fitness so Sm doesn’t matter for them.

If someone wants to buy one of your players with high stamina, don’t get mugged off even if the main stat is not that high.

Play players on their preferred side

A player’s performance massively drops when you play them on the wrong side.

From some simulations I’ve run using the engine it’s somewhere between an equivalent 5 to 10 drop in the main stat if played out of position. So a 16 Tk right sided player will likely perform worse than a 11 tackle left sided player if you put the right player on the left.

Again goalkeeper is the exception to this, it doesn’t matter what side they prefer, they thankfully always seems to stay in goal instead of drifting towards the corner flag.

Use all your subs if you can

Players lose fitness over the course of a match.

Being able to bring on 3 fully fit players even with less stat will perform better than tired, more skilled players.

For the players 30-60 stamina; they are not so unfit you have to rest them every match, but they’re still not fit enough to play full 90 minutes every match.

You might want to sub off a superstar with low stamina towards the end of each match so they can still play every match at the start without having weeks off to rest. Our you could use your sub on your most unfit players so they don’t become the weakest link towards the end of the match.

There’s always risk of injuries and red cards so it might be wise to have your last sub to be scheduled late in the match so you still have a sub to spare.

Set conditions for red cards

Will arguably lost the title race last season with a red card in week 12 against CVI. He scored first but one of the defenders got a red card and ended up losing the match 3-1.

Consider your opponent’s tactics

Tactics and formations are different.

The choice of tactics are attacking, defensive, etc. The formation is how many players you play in each position.

Consider what tactic you think the opposition is going to play and set yourself up to beat it. Read the advantages that some tactics get when playing other tactics and set your team up to benefit from this.

Consider how your own tactics affect the players you pick

Despite what the name suggests, the Passing tactic gives you the worst performing MF but a good boost for DF and FW. So playing 5 midfielders in a 451 isn’t the best use of the passing tactic. 433 will perform better than 451 when playing passing.

The below are more of my personal opinions, take these with a grain of salt:

  • Although the Normal tactic doesn’t get countered by any other tactic, it seems to perform slightly worse against every other tactic that’s not defensive. I can’t tell why, but I stopped playing normal in the second half of the season after running some tests.
  • Attacking is high risk. Teams using counter-attack gain a significant advantage over teams using attacking. Given how popular counterattack seems to be among the managers (which is understandable since it counters two other tactics) attacking is a very risky starting tactic to use. But it is still worthwhile to have as your tactic change if you fall behind.
  • Having 3 defenders with no defensive midfielder (DMC) ships goals. In all the tests I’ve run having 4 DF almost always outperform 3 DF or even 3 DF and 1 DMC.
  • If you have to play 3 at the back having 3 DFC or 1 DFC DFL DFR each doesn’t make a huge difference, but:
    3 DFC seems to perform slightly better against team with 3 FW
    1 DFC DFL DFR each perform slightly better against team with 2 FW
  • Having 1 DMC in your team has a small but noticeable reduction on your goals conceded without taking away much on your passing side of the midfield, but having more than 1 DMC seem to have very high diminishing return. So unless you have 3 DF at the back, wouldn’t recommend have more than 1 DM at any time unless the intention is to park the bus.
  • Uneven formations perform poorly, ie 2 MFL or 2 DFR.